Ultimate Fitness Pack created by Emyvale Transition Year Student

Monaghan St. Macartan's College Transition Year Student Ultimate Fitness Pack

The Ultimate Fitness Pack is the latest creation by Christopher Flood from Emyvale. He is a transition year student in St. Macartan's College, Monaghan. From his years of experience involved in playing GAA for his club Truagh and with the county minors with Monaghan, he decided to design and start selling the Ultimate Fitness Pack.
When his football coach told him to go out and buy some gym items, he realized there was nowhere selling a full fitness pack of everything he needed and that to buy each item individually it was quite expensive. Therefore he came up with the idea to create his own Ultimate Fitness pack. The pack is essential for injury prevention and can be used for any sport and all the items in the pack give people endless excerises to do. It can be used at anywhere at anytime and is for sale at a very affordable price
What does one pack include?
1. A strong waterproof sports bag
2. Massage foam roller
3. Pack of 5 ankle resistance bands
4. Speed skipping rope
5. Loop pull up resistance bands
The fitness pack has everything you need for your fitness journey while also be handy to carry around, an essential element for injury prevention while being suitable for any sport or gender.
The Ultimate Fitness Pack can be personalized with club colours for free and / or club name for an extra €5

The price for one pack is only €50 which is considerably cheaper than buying each item individually in retailers shops. Also it will be cheaper if you purchase more than 1.

Retailers price:
1. Sports bag €18 (any sports shop)
2. Foam roller €20 (Lifestyle sports)
3. Pack of 3 ankle resistance bands €17 (Elverys sports) (This pack has 5 )
4. Speed skipping rope €10 (Argos)
5. Loop pull up resistance band €15 (Elverys sports)

With these calculations in mind the total retailers price is €80 while Tru Irish price is €50 giving you a total saving of €30.
The Ultimate Fitness Pack is perfectly tailored for anybody who has a passion for sports and fitness. Get yours now!

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