Crafty Irish Beggars ever growing handcrafted Irish jewellery and bespoke pieces collection

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The Crafty Irish Beggars live to create. Anything from unique furniture to handcrafted necklaces, you name it they'll endeavour to make it. They see the astounding beauty amongst Ireland's forests and believe it should be cherished and respected.
Their collection of Irish handcrafted Jewelry, bespoke lamps, enchanting mood lighting and inspiring candles out of rare wood, crystals, copper & wood salvaged from the forest floor is growing week in week out. A lot of thought and love goes in making each and every one of their pieces, they have enjoyed finding the raw material and bringing out the beauty of these amazing natural resources.
Crafty Irish Beggars sharing a constant connection with nature.
They believe "A long walk in the woods relieves the trapped sensation one can feel from living in a built up area, having a piece of jewelry or lighting from material in such a unique raw form gives us a more constant reminder to revel in natures wonders to uplift our spirits. We love nature in all her beauty & want to share this with you as nature is a natural healer."
They spend most of their free time wandering the forests & hedgerows of County Monaghan, Ireland for unique features the wood has made. They have plans for bigger projects & want to open a proper workshop taking this on full-time. Crafty Irish Beggars consists of a few creative friends who meet twice a week after work and make these handcrafted bespoke pieces.
Some of their handcrafted jewellery are from the boggy fields of County Monaghan, Ireland. Oak and other various hard woods would meet fate sinking into a bog. The wood is preserved as the bog begins to slowly blacken the wood. In order to reach the tone of their wood it has been immersed underground for approximately 4000-6000 years.
Tru Irish is constantly updating our website and stock with more and more of Crafty Irish Beggars collection with now more than 20 of these amazing pieces created by these professional Irish Artisans. Check them all out here: 
You can catch the Crafty Irish Beggars on the first Friday of every month in St. Patrick's Church Hall, Monaghan from 11am to 3pm at The Cottage Markets.


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