Alpaca Scarves by Marian Morris

Alpaca Wool Scarves Women's Fashion

Alpaca Scarves by Marian Morris
Marian started knitting at the age of 8 and was taught by her mother.  
Later in life, she bought a basic knitting machine and learned to create beautiful Knitwear on the machine.
She worked for Lainey Keogh, John Rocha & Rachel Mackay, all of whom were well-known Knitwear Designers.
Eventually, she decided to go out on her own to create her own collection. One day she discovered the Alpaca Yarn online and from then, she has been buying it since. She imports the yarn from Peru where all the Alpacas roam freely in their farms. 
Alpaca Yarn is a light, luxurious, hardwearing and very warm yarn and comes in many vibrant colours
All of Marian’s wraps & scarves are made in her smoke & pet free home in Co. Dublin.  
Marian's scarf collection comes in 7 vibrant colours -
Petrol Blue
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Petrol Blue by Marian Morris
Magenta Pink
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Magenta Pink by Marian Morris
Antique Pink
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Antique Pink by Marian Morris
Light Grey
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Light Grey by Marian Morris
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Red by Marian Morris
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Green by Marian Morris
Alpaca Lace Scarf in Navy by Marian Morris
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