Truagh Development Association

Following the success of the Taste O' Truagh Festivals, Truagh Development Association and local, artisan craft producers recognised the potential that locally produced goods would have if they were sold to the worldwide market via the internet. Since then that idea has developed into Tru Irish which aims to bring quality Irish producers together under one umbrella (Tru Irish) and they have hired an experienced online marketer to market these goods to the world market on websites such as eBay, Amazon & Etsy.

 Errigal Heritage Centre

Some of the main benefits of joining the Tru Irish project:

  • INCREASE YOUR SALES: With Claire, you will be working with someone who has an in-depth knowledge of the current online marketplace. 

  • WIDER SOCIAL MEDIA REACH: By coming together as a cooperative online brand, we will be able to attract a wider audience and that means your latest news will reach more potential cuStomers.

  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: Help more potential customers find you.

  • OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS:  Using online sales data we will be able to find potential opportunities for your business using actual sales and search figures from other online sellers in your niche.
Tru Irish 5 Step Process

The Five Step Process

1.   WORKING TOGETHER: Crafters work along side our Sales & Marketing Manager to create high-quality photographs, detailed descriptions and pricing to be used across our all our online platforms.

2.   PROMOTING YOUR PRODUCT: We use our multiple online platforms to present your craft to the world. Such sites include eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

3.   NOTIFYING YOU ON UPDATES: We let you know when you have a sale so that you can start the process of getting the product ready for posting.

4.   SENDING THE PRODUCT TO THE CONSUMER: We send the documentation (including invoices and consumer information) by e-mail for you to use in the packaging process and then the order is ready for shipment. 

5.   PAY DAY: You get paid at the end of every month for all sales made during that month.