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INNU jewellery is a custom-made Contemporary Irish 3D Printed Jewellery company.

Bespoke Made In Ireland Soundwave Ring can be made using a soundwave from any song or audio file and is available in many different sizes and metals. Using any soundwave whether it be from your favourite song or another audio file, you can also get words engraved on the inside of the ring. Simply contact us with an audio file / soundwave image / a link or just a song name together with any words you would like engraved onto the inside of the piece.
You can decide between Polished Bronze, Brass Raw Silver, Polished Silver or Premium Silver for your finished product. 

Inspired by nature and bone structure 'evolution bracelet' can be custom-made in a variety of colours and materials. Sizes and engravings made to order. Choose between Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow for your perfect colour. Make it Personalised by getting your ring inscribed at no extra cost. Bracelet can be made to fit any size.

'Weave Pendant' is designed to be customised by the owner with thread or wire. Inspired by skew lines in geometry the threads will form a curved surface when woven.
The pendant is 6cm in Diamter and is available in the following materials: Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, Silver, Premium Silver, Gold Plated, Platinum Plated


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