The Adventures of Johnny Magory

I’ll tell you a story about Johnny Magory
Growing up in Ireland each and every night Emma-Jane’s Mammy and Daddy told her a story about Johnny Magory.
These ‘made-up’ tales were usually derived from whatever sort of harm and devilment EJ had got up to that day and she couldn’t wait for bedtime to hear about what Johnny had done too!
Because of this she was inspired to write down a few stories and bring Johnny McGory to the next generation.
Written in rhyme, these pacey books engage readers of all ages and abilities. There’s also a free audio download of the book available for those who cannot manage on their own just yet.
These books are all about our beautiful country and aim to educate and instill a sense of pride and passion in young children about Irish heritage, wildlife and culture.
The Adventures of Johnny Magory have just been shortlisted for the CAP Awards 2017 ‘Best Junior Book’ category.