Tru Irish Gift to Leo Varadkar

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Rewind one year ago where Truagh Development Association and members of the board were delighted to welcome both Minister Heather Humphreys and Leo Varadkar to see the successful Community Services Programme put in place last October by TDA.
One year on, Mickey Treanor, Chairperson of Truagh and the board were pleased to welcome  Minister Humphreys back to launch the latest venture, Tru Irish. TDA saw the need for the Tru Irish project, outlined its importance to the craft sector in a rural border area like Truagh and the wider north Monaghan area and therefore created a plan, which has now come to fruition. The project was funded initially by Monaghan LEO and County Council and now the venture comes under TDA’s Community Services Programme, which is funded by Pobal.
During the official launch of Tru Irish, we gifted Minister Heather Humphreys with a handwoven scarf made by our incredible crafter Liz Christy which Minister admits now to proudly wear. We also presented a chopping board to Mrs Humphreys to send on to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar created by the talented Diarmuid Coll on her next visit with him. 
We were delighted to recieve this photograph (above) of Minister Humphreys presenting our gift to the delighted Taoiseach whom stated it would be put to good use in his kitchen. 
Both chopping board and scarf are "shining examples of the huge talent of Monaghan crafters", which we channel through Tru Irish. 

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