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One evening, I received an email from one of our crafters instructing me to contact a potential new client who was pondering the possibility of selling online. Immediately, I emailed her expressing my interest in joining our Tru Irish team. She soon replied and we organised a meeting.

Not being familiar with the surrounding areas town lands, I put her address into Google maps and off I went. I was brought round every back road you could think of and eventually it brought to a narrow, steep lane. As I crawl up the hill in my car, I thought my phone had played me once again and steered me wrong as I was venturing closer to a farm house. I pulled up outside the house to recheck my coordinates when I woman walked towards my car. Her welcoming smile reassured me I was in the correct place. 

Once introduced, Roberta led me inside her traditional farmhouse and I was brought upstairs to where she had all her garments. Every colour, style and size you could think of was hung in place in a large storage closet. From vibrant reds, pastel blues and vests of multiple colors, there wasn't a color of the rainbow which wasn't utilized.

We chatted for a while as she showed her array of stock. She uses different wool and different knitting styles to create each piece. (However, all can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees she reassured me.) Roberta loves her craft and ventures to multiple shows during the year to sell her items in which she get huge compliments. Her latest fair was the local Tydavnet Show on the 19th of August in which she sold many of her garments. I could see the love and hard work she puts into every piece from stories of her sitting up long hours, after a full days work, knitting away to get one of her creations finished.

Roberta can knit custom made garments with specific measurements, style and color under instruction which make for perfect presents. This process can vary and can take a couple of weeks to complete.

With a bag full of Roberta's items, I returned to my car to bring them back to our studio to photograph. Robert waved me off before I changed my destination on Google Maps back to the office. What a pleasure it is to meet people who are as enthusiastic about their work and a delight to work with. 

I look forward to working with Roberta in the future.  

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