Irish Crochet and Clones Lace - the history of the crochet lace-making tradition in Monaghan, Ireland

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History of Clones Lace
Clones Lace is an Irish Crochet Lace, named after the town where it was marketed, developing its own character since 1847. Cassandra Hand, wife of the local Church of Ireland minister, introduced this lace, inspired by Venetian point lace, as a famine relief project to the small drumlin region of west Monaghan and south east Fermanagh, as the height of the Great Irish Famine. 
The Clones people soon made it their own, imitating the flowers that grew in the area. Within a short period nearly every family in the area was involved in its production, supplying markets in Dublin, London, Paris, Rome and New York. Clones soon became the most important centre of crochet lace making in the north of Ireland, while Cork was the leading centre of the south of the country. 
Since 1990, Márie Treanor has been the main tutor at the Clones Lace Summer School. In June 2012, they added an international dimension to the summer school, inviting guest tutors such as Olga Krivenko (Russia). In June 2013, Antonina Kuznetsova came from Ukraine as a special guest. In 2014, Helene Laterre traveled from Bretagne, France, adding a unique element to this international summer school.
In 2015, Antonina returned to the special 25th International Summer School, accompanied by Alyona Salimova from Azerbaijan. 
Irish Crochet and Clones Lace by Máire Treanor
Máire Treanor tells the social history of the crochet lace-making tradition in south Ulster, Ireland, when thousands of women and children, through their creative lace-making, redeemed their families from the clutches of famine and disease.
The second part of the book is aimed at the beginner to Irish Crochet, with guides to easy-to-do motifs that will introduce you to the beautiful craft of Clones Lace.

The story of Irish Crochet and its unique interpretation by the Clones lacemakers. The secrets unfold through detailed instructions, traditional motifs and patterns with the temptation to be challenged by the creative aspects of this Irish lace.
Free postage to Ireland and UK. 

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